Digital Street Policing Must Include All Officers, Both Veterans & Millennial

Commercial LENSS - Your Duty of care



Casinos believe it or not have strict guidelines on who can enter, play or visit.  Having access to vital information to maintain the safety and security of all is vital.  If an incident or person of interest attempts to enter, you must know who they are and act accordingly.  Real-time shared global information is the key.

Sports & Event Centers


Where the public goes so does trouble in one form or another.  Knowing your patrons is the key.  Directing security with absolute digital information is a demanded necessity.

No matter what level the incident is!

Commercial Complexes


Who has access to your complex?

Multilevel complexes with additional buildings must have security at the highest digital level.  It is more than CCTV and security personnel.

It is all about knowing and sharing information in real-time.



Schools, Colleges & Universities are more than 'soft-targets' needing specialized but affordable security.

Hospitals/Medical Centers


Hospitals have an open door and trusting cultural attitude.

More than dangerous and open for misuse or incident.

Public Access Facilities


Anywhere the public goes so can the 'bad' guys'.  There are among you every single day.  Access restriction comes in many forms that are acceptable.