Digital Street Policing Must Include All Officers, Both Veterans & Millennial

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Our world is dependent on data, information to allow a successful decision-making process.

Whether it is policing our streets, communities or neighborhoods, it's built upon information, not just what we hear, but what we notate, not with check-boxes, with actual short written notes that can be shared and access by others who must be in the know.

A commercial enterprise is the same; we must know who is entering our buildings, which you are allowing free access to roam the corridors and for what reasons. Hospitals, corporate complexes, education facilities, casinos and anywhere there is public access. 

It is not ‘Big Brother,’ it is pure common sense in this day and age of social unrest and misfits.


Out of Date Information is a Safety Factor

Information is key to securing convictions.  It is asking the right questions of the moment, not robotic verbal actions without listening or surveying the situation.


Our Global Speaking Engagements        - 12th International Symposium For Police Best Practices. March 17th- 20th, 2019

Smart Policing Returns Front & Center Real-Time Collected Data from Street Level Officers is the Key


No one ever said policing a society was easy. Indeed, Sir Robert Peel back in 1829 knew what was necessary. Anyone who dedicates their personal life and career to public service knows that it can be a ‘thankless’ job. Today, policing has a target on its back and criminals are using the civil unrest globally to cause mayhem and sadly death. Actions required are right in front of our eyes and ears if only we had a method to make the change, we do!

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